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Toronto Real Estate Cooling?
Monday, 06 September 2010, 03:25:05 PM

Toronto Real Estate Statistics August 2009 versus 2010
Listings to Sales Ratio improving for Toronto Real Estate Buyers

It appears that the real estate market is cooling off in Toronto in number of sales for the month of August versus a year ago. Data below shows selection of properties is up over a year ago and price is as well.
As the number of available properties goes up we can expect prices to flatten or even go down over the next year if this trend continues.

Sales Volume:
Properties volume sold (central Toronto) is down from 1,384 to 1,126 compared to August of 2009; a decrease in volume of -18.64%.

Number of Listings:
Properties Listed (central Toronto) is up from 2,201 to 3,291 compared to August of 2009; an increase in properties listed of +49.52%

Listings to Sales Ratio:
Selection of properties is getting better for Toronto Real Estate Buyers

Listings to Sales Ratio grew from 1.59% to 2.92% an increase of +83.6%

Median Prices:
Median Prices for Central Toronto increased from $468,133 to $492,705, an increase of +5.2%

Sales Volume and Active Listings for month of August 2009 and 2010 Central Toronto:

Central Toronto

Aug 2009

Aug 2010







Median Price



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